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Tetrad Tree Foundation

Tetrad Tree Foundation was formed in the year 2011 as part of the Tetrad Holdings Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.This initiative is a total eco solutions program that is working to restore, rebuild and re-engineer Zimbabwean ecosystem to ensure that man and nature co-exist in the best possible manner. Our aim is to make tree production a lifestyle to ensure its sustainability and to contribute towards the achievement of United Nations Millennium Development Goal number 7 (UN MDG7).

Zimbabwe is losing 330,000 hacters of trees annually due to forest destruction. 120,000 hacters of forest is lost to veld fires and 1,38 million of firewood is burnt to cure tobacco in one season. Firewood constitutes 49% of the domestic use of energy in ZImbabwe.

To build a Global Legacy in the sustainability and restoration of the environment.

To forge strategic alliances and implement interventions for Global reforestation and conservation of forests, soils, water and wildlife


  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration 
  • Passion


  • To plant 5 million trees in Zimbabwe by 2015 and restore Zimbabwe's ecosystem.
  • To encourage the use of alternative energy
  • To take Zimbabwe out of the top ten countries with highest deforestation
  • To reach sustainable consumption and production of trees in Zimbabwe
  • To create employment and food security for the communities
  • To reduce use of firewood in the curing of tobacco

Why plant Trees?

  • Deforestation is one of the greatest challenges facing Zimbabwe today.
  • The effects of deforestation are tangible; less rain, hotter climates, soil erosion and drought which brings famine and poverty.
  • Destruction of tropical forests reduces regional rainfall
  • Restoring world's forest proven to boost local economies and reduce poverty.

Types of trees planted:
Tetrad Tree Foundation and its eco-partners are planting indigenous trees and exotic fruit trees in the following categories; trees for shade, trees for food, trees for beauty and trees for medicinal.

The Benefits

  • Regeneration of forests (UN MDG 7)
  • Creation of employment, poverty alleviation and food security
  • The country will benefit from improved Eco-Tourism
  • Reclaim land for agriculture
  • Tap into global carbon trading network
  • To have a new generation of green citizens

Progress To Date

Tetrad Tree Foundation and Junior Chamber International (JCI) Zimbabwe have established sustainable partnerships with government entities, community based nurseries and private nursuries.

142,791 trees planted through the foundation since December 2011.

We have an intensive awareness campaign, with a radio programme running on Zifm Stereo, one of Zimbabwe's popular radio stations.

Key Focus Areas

The Future

  • Planting of trees
  • Community based nursuries
  • Community awareness campaigns
  • Promotion of alternative energy

How to participate?

Each tree cost US$0,50 and the campaign requires to plant 5 million trees by 2015. With a US$1,00 a week you are planting 2 trees, in a month 8 trees, in one year 96 trees, if one million people plant 96 trees each we would have planted 96 million trees in a year. You can plant a tree from where you are by donating money or skills. Part of your corporate responsibility budget can go towards planting trees or sponsor/adopt community based nurseries.

You can contribute towards tree planting in Zimbabwe by donating  to the Tetrad Tree Foundation initiative into the following bank account.

  • Account Name        Tetrad Tree Planting Project
  • Account Name        13001380
  • SWIFT                       TTSLZWHX
  • Bank                          Tetrad Investment Bank

For international transfers:
Correspondent Bank- Commerzbank AG Swift Code: COBADEFF
IBAN DE66500400000881824700


If you want to participate or be an eco-partner, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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